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Concrete floor repair solutions delivered across Wakefield

Repairing concrete floors quickly and efficiently is critical, the sooner you are able to repair the damaged concrete area the sooner you can utilise that area again. Concrete Wakefield can provide special batches mixed to your specification in quantities as small as only 0.5cm3 which can be time delivered to assist your repair.

Many concrete floors with time or usage become damaged; concrete floors fail due to wear and tear, or sometimes due to poor construction, concrete floors subside with effects that are dangerous to both workers and the public.

Though considered to be one of the strongest materials in the field of construction, concrete is still susceptible to damage due to wear and tear, or corrosion through the action of corrosive materials. In the presence of corrosive agents concrete floors can be constantly under attack, which can lead to the expensive process of reconstructing the entire floor.

Concrete Wakefield offers a more cost-efficient alternative: conducting concrete floor repair on the specific areas of your floor that have become corroded or been damaged by wear and tear. Concrete floor repairs are highly cost efficient when compared to expensive and disruptive concrete floor reconstruction or replacement. Concrete Wakefield’s concrete flooring repair system is tried and tested over many years and has proved to be very successful and long lasting.

By tailoring our service to suit your requirement, we can offer you a cost-effective solution for any project. Also, our flexibility means we can work to your timescale and help you to complete your work on time with our prompt deliveries.

Concrete Wakefield are able to provide all aspects of concrete flooring and floor repairs with innovation and quality at the centre of all our operations.

  • Repair damaged floors, steps, slabs, pavements, yards, driveways
  • Small patch repairs and pothole / hole repairs in concrete slabs, both internal and external
  • Repairs to arises / corners of concrete floors, slabs, walls, joints, junctions etc.spalled movement joints (expansion / contraction joints)
  • Repairs to risers, nosings, goings and re-levelling worn concrete steps and staircases
  • Small patch repairs to concrete ramps, pavements, yards, driveways
  • To patch repair worn concrete floors
  • To make up level differences in localised areas
  • Bedding kerb stones directly to macadam
  • Bedding concrete kerbs and pre-cast concrete units
  • Bedding manhole frames
  • Repairing spalled concrete slabs
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